Watch Sean Ong go hands on with Microsoft’s unreleased Mixed Reality Motion Controllers

Arif Bacchus

Mixed Reality Controllers

Back at Build 2017, Microsoft unveiled the world’s first motion controllers for Windows Mixed Reality. The controllers are meant to be paired with a Windows Mixed Reality device (such as the Acer Mixed Reality Headset) and help users experience a rich and immersive experience across creativity tools, productivity, games, and entertainment.

Our friend Sean Ong has just posted the world’s first unboxing of these Mixed Reality Controllers, offering a first real world look at the Windows Mixed Reality accessory.

Along with Nima Zeighami, Sean provides us a look at the packaging of the Windows Mixed Reality controllers, revealing a Bluetooth adapter, two different motion controllers, and USB cables. Sean also dives in and shows us how light the controllers really are, and offers us his thoughts and a tour of the buttons on the controllers. He even reveals that the controllers use rechargeable AA batteries, though there is also an interchangeable firmware updated battery blank.

Be sure to keep tuned for more, as Sean Ong will be plugging his Mixed Reality Motion Controllers into his computer and going full hands on and demo in a later video.

Do you think these controllers are something you will purchase for your Windows Mixed Reality Device? Let us know your thoughts below.