Watch this! Microsoft designs the future of the intelligent car with Windows Embedded (video)


intelligent car with Windows Embedded

Ever wondered what an intelligent car would be like in the future? In Microsoft’s mind, an intelligent car features “telematics data” that helps improve both the driving experience and the design of the vehicle for the driver.

On top of streaming music from a smartphone, the ability to use voice commands to control the stereo and the navigation system, Microsoft believes an intelligent car should also perform tasks on the driver’s behalf. In fact, the car should also tune into a prefered radio station or reschedule a meeting due to traffic delays. On top of which, drivers would be able to access information and services via an app from anywhere on any device.

“The automotive industry faces a lot of unique challenges, perhaps first of which is that cars must be supportable for much longer than consumer electronics devices — 10 or 20 years, in most cases. I think we’ve developed a solid understanding of some of these challenges and how technology can address them, while providing drivers with a better experience,” Microsoft’s Pranish Kumar stated. Hes the guy in charge of the Windows Embedded Automotive team.

Take a look at the video below showcasing Microsoft’s vision of the future intelligent vehicle: