Watch the latest Xbox One S commercial here

Arif Bacchus

Xbox One S

If you’re watching TV, or browsing the internet for the next few weeks and days, you might come across Microsoft’s newest advertisement for the Xbox One S. The company has just unleashed a new ad for their latest Xbox device, and it’s fairly impressive.

Complete with some upbeat techno music, the advertisement features a female voice that highlights the Xbox One S’s features. As you probably know by now, these features include the fact that the Xbox One S is 40% smaller, sleeker and sharper than the Xbox One. The commercial also features some pretty unique visuals of the Xbox One S, including a side profile of the controller, and the console itself. Of course, the $299 starting price, and the fact that the Xbox One S also features support for 4k Ultra HD Video output, Blueray, and High Dynamic Range Gaming is also mentioned in the female’s narration.

So, what do you think of this commercial? Have you purchased an Xbox One S yet? Let us know your thoughts on this commercial, and your other Xbox One S impressions in the comments below!