Watch this! Hotmail so effective in blocking spam, Microsoft has to get spammers a real job (video)


Microsoft, on May 25th, launched a campaign in Sweden consisting of a website and an online video invitation to a “seminar” for spammers. The video of this was just recently released. What exactly is this seminar about? Well, since Microsoft believes that Hotmail is now so effective in blocking spam, Microsoft now feels it is their duty to get these spammers a real job. Microsoft wants to put these spammers to use since they have skills in programming and online marketing.

According to a comprehensive study that was conducted by an independent firm, Cascade Insights, Hotmail is the number one webmail service to protect users against spams ahead of other webmail competitors including Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. “Our mission was to communicate the message that Hotmail now stops 97% of all spam to Swedish tech-influencers. Instead of just boosting out the message we decided to take a somewhat different approach. As the Hotmail spam filter now is so effective it can actually put spammers out of business we decided to try and help them get legal jobs and launched Spammers’ Aid,” the video description reads. Unfortunately, no spammers showed up to the “seminar” but Microsoft broadcasted the event live online where 27 people followed it anonymously. In the video, we get an interview from Hotmail’s Sweden product manager. Take a look below:

Thanks to Marko for the tip!