Watch as a HoloLens developer shares Machu Picchu with his 93 year old great-grandfather

Kip Kniskern

The first waves of HoloLens Developer Kits have gone out to devs and interested parties with $3,000 burning a hole in their pockets, and we’re starting to see some results, both in terms of interesting projects being developed for the HoloLens, some closer looks at the HoloLens itself, and almost most importantly, how everyday users react to what it close to a miraculous piece of technology.

In that vein, developer Terry Bennett (sp?) just posted a video showing not only his daily use of the HoloLens, but the reactions his family, including his 93 year old great-grandparents, have to the augmented reality experience, as shown in a video he posted to YouTube (via a tweet from @jfeldstein):

We’re interested to see what developers like Terry do with their development kits, but just as equally excited to see how everyday users, from 3 to 93, react to what is rapidly becoming our future.