Watch this! GeoFlow for Excel lets you visually plot data and analyze in 3D (video)



Now this is pretty cool. Microsoft’s Research team has unveiled a new project called “GeoFlow” for Excel 2013 which lets you visually plot your data and then analyze that data in 3D, as well as create interaction for sharing purposes.

“Today we are announcing the availability of the project codename “GeoFlow” Preview for Excel 2013, a result of collaborations between several teams within Microsoft. GeoFlow lets you plot geographic and temporal data visually, analyze that data in 3D, and create interactive “tours” to share with others,” Microsoft revealed in an official blog post.

GeoFlow for Excel was an evolution of the company’s WorldWide Telescope project, which allowed for exploration of large volumes of astronomical and geological data. With GeoFlow, users can plot more than one million rows of data from an Excel workbook, see that data in geographic space, and have the ability to build cinematic and guided “tours” of that data for sharing purposes.

Check out the video below highlighting GeoFlow and hit the download link below to snag this plugin for Excel 2013