WalkingCat finds trailer for Microsoft’s legendary “Standards of Business Contact” Season 3 Series Finale

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft employees have been raving on Twitter for some time about the company’s Office of Legal Compliance video series, Standards of Business Conduct. Most large companies have such videos, used to highlight the various do’s and don’ts of company policy, but apparently Microsoft has taken the usually dry and boring training videos to a whole new level.

Here’s the preview for the “Season 3 Series Finale” of the training videos, found by our favorite Microsoft super sleuth, WalkingCat:


Update: WalkingCat found another one, here’s a trailer for Season 2:


Microsoft employee Scott Hanselman compared the video series to a “telenovella”:

So far the series hasn’t been released externally, and probably won’t be, but at least we get a quick look at what all the fuss has been about!