Viatel Technology Group launches secure AI tool for Microsoft Teams

Devesh Beri

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Viatel Technology Group has revealed that they have introduced their latest innovation, a secure Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool called vAI for Microsoft Teams. The tool is designed to help privacy-conscious organizations stay agile and at the forefront of technological advancements.

Built on Microsoft’s Azure Open AI platform and integrated into existing Teams’ environments, vAI enables organizations to harness the transformative potential of Generative AI while ensuring the highest level of data security and compliance.

As per Viatel

vAI is built on Microsoft Azure
Azure is the leading platform in security and compliance. With vAI, your critical information stays within your Azure domain for intelligenct data management. We champion the sanctity of your data, ensuring your AI applications uphold the highest security standards possible.

vAI is accessible through Microsoft Teams
Integrating vAI into your exisiting Teams environment streamlines the key applications in your organisation. This further promotes security as fewer applications mean fewer vulnerabilities, greater access control and enhanced user awareness.

Damien McCann, Chief Commercial Officer with Viatel Technology Group, emphasized the commitment to privacy and security, stating that the vAI solution empowers organizations to confidently embrace the AI revolution, as critical information remains protected within the customers’ Azure subscription.

Finian Nally, Head of Microsoft Cloud Solutions at Viatel Technology Group, highlighted the benefits of leveraging AI technology while safeguarding data. vAI allows organizations to enable their employees to utilize Generative AI effectively and securely, improving efficiency, driving innovation, and focusing on strategic growth initiatives.

Recently, Viatel acquired Sungard Availability’s Irish cloud business, marking its eighth successful acquisition since 2020. They won the ICT Company of the Year title at the Chamber Ireland InBUSINESS Awards.