The vertical stand will not be included with every Xbox One S console

Vu Anh Nguyen

Microsoft recently unveiled a new, slimmer version of its Xbox One console at E3, dubbed the “Xbox One S”. Among the added capabilities in the new model is one that would be a boon for gamers with a serious lack of space: the ability to stand vertically; a necessary accessory for this function – the vertical stand – may not come with all Xbox One S, however.

Specifically, the vertical stand has been found by Reddit users to be listed on the Amazon Store Canada for pre-ordering, which begs the question of why it can be purchased separately if the thing comes with every machine, and every machine needs only one. The cool Canadian $39.99 price does not help with the speculations as well (words say that it will cost $19.99 in the US).

xbox one vertical stand amazon canada
Canadians got it tough with their dollars.

Not all is lost of course: other sources suggest that the vertical stand will only come with the 2TB model of the Xbox One S, which will come before lower-storage options in early August at $399. The next version in line, 1TB, will reportedly retail for $349, which means for 50 dollars more you get double the storage and a vertical stand.