Version notes could be coming to the Windows Store

Jack Wilkinson

windows store

The Windows Store currently shows the changelogs of updates to apps or games, if the developer provides them, however, these changelogs don’t state the version that they cover, so when an update is released, it is hard to tell which version those changes are for. That soon could be changing.

Recently, Microsoft pushed out a small update to their Windows Store website, as found by a Reddit user. This update removes the “What’s new in this version” section, which doesn’t actually mean “this version” and has replaced it with “Version notes”, which then details the version that the changes below it cover.

GroupMe Windows Store listing

Above shows how this currently looks. It shows the version number, followed by the changes right below it. It isn’t clear if this change will be making its way to the Windows Store app for Windows 10 devices, although, it would create disparity if they didn’t.

An example can be viewed on the GroupMe listing in the Windows Store.