UWPStreamer app lets you play Nintendo 3DS on your Xbox One

Michael Cottuli

Do you want to play The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on your Xbox One? While the chances of that happening officially still remain at a dreary 0%, there’s a way for you to make that dream come true. Introducing UWPStreamer, an app that has allowed Nintendo 3DS and Xbox One users to marry their two devices in a slightly rocky, yet loving union.

With the help of some custom firmware on your 3DS and a quick installation of UWPStreamer on your Xbox One, you can play 3DS games directly on your Xbox One – not just as an alternate display, but also using your Xbox One controller. While the process isn’t perfect, and it comes with a considerable amount of latency, it certainly doesn’t make any games unplayable.

If you’re looking for some novelty to make your gaming experience on 3DS a little more exciting, this process is definitely worth checking out. It requires a little bit of bravery to mess about with the Nintendo software that’s usually kept under lock and key, but users who know what they’re doing could get a lot out of this.

Price: Free