Upgrading from Xbox One to Xbox One S? Microsoft will send you a free Kinect adapter

Jack Wilkinson

Earlier this year, we reported that Microsoft will provide free Kinect adapters to anybody who upgrades from the original Xbox One to the Xbox One S and owns a Kinect. That was several months ago and it’s likely some may have forgotten that Microsoft is offering this, or simply don’t remember how to order one.

Since Black Friday has just passed and many of you likely received an all-new Xbox One S, we thought it’d be a good time to send out a reminder.

What you need

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S
  • Kinect

How to request a free Kinect adapter

Microsoft has put together a form for ordering a Kinect adapter. It has 5 steps, which consist of the shipping address, as well as entering the details for all of the aforementioned items, such as their serial numbers.

The form can be found here on Microsoft’s site.

In terms of when to expect to receive the adapter, we’ve seen reports that it can take up to a month, although, it is usually around 3 weeks. If you need it in time for Christmas, it might be a better decision to purchase one. Amazon offers them for $39.99 but is currently out of stock.