Updated Fresh Paint app to launch alongside Windows 8.1, comes with an ‘improved experience’


Fresh Paint app

In an official blog post today, Microsoft has revealed that a new updated Fresh Paint app will launch alongside Windows 8.1, and also on Windows Phone 8. Microsoft has been working hard to deliver the highest quality, most realistic painting and drawing experience possible with the Fresh Paint app.

“Today I’m excited to announce that the new Fresh Paint will launch in tandem with Windows 8.1 on October 18 and that we’ll also have new features coming to the Windows Phone version on October 14. Best of all, Fresh Paint will continue to be free, and everyone who updates to Windows 8.1 will get the improved experience,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

The app features a new Inspire Me tile that offers you a gallery of inspirational images, which ultimately allow you to import them, add filters to them and paint. “Because this image search is powered by Bing you can even type in your own query to find amazing, inspirational pieces. And, of course, we’ve tuned the search to be safe for everyone in the family,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft has also improved pen and stylus input, especially for those on the Surface device.  You can also save custom palettes and import a painting directly from SkyDrive.

With the app on Windows Phone, you can starting a painting and save it to SkyDrive. You can then finish your work on your PC by selecting the “Save To” icon in the Fresh Paint app.

Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1 launches alongside the operating system update on October 18th. The app for Windows Phone 8 launches on October 14th.