Upcoming Windows 10 build lets you track your feedback stats

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

The upcoming Windows 10 build for Insiders includes an updated Insider Hub which allows Insiders to track their feedback statistics across the many devices they use Windows 10 with. This is excellent news for those avid Windows Insiders who’d like to see their statistics within the Insider program.

This new update also allows you to see your most upvoted piece of feedback, so you can now see whether people agree with what you have to say or not. Perhaps Microsoft will begin introducing rewards for avid Windows Insiders, much like the Xbox program. I guess time will tell.

You can see the new feedback app in action in our hands on video, which you can check out below (at the 4:35 mark). Microsoft is making a number of different tweaks to the upcoming Windows 10 builds which further stabilize and feature-complete the operating system. Hopefully Microsoft will release a new Windows Insider build soon.