Universal Windows Apps on Xbox One confirmed as “coming soon” by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Vu Anh Nguyen


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed the coming of Universal Windows Apps (UWA) to Xbox One in front of thousands of developers at a recent conference.

According to the original article, published on Spanish news site Microsoft Insider, Nadella went on stage at Madrid dotNet Conference in Spain, where he reportedly reiterates the Xbox One’s capabilities to run UWA is on the horizon. Details of exactly when, where and how were unfortunately not divulged.

While the information is not exactly new (we even reported about it more than a year ago) nor unpredictable given how tightly Xbox One has been shown to be a part of the Windows ecosystem, the picture now is much clearer compared to then, with Windows 10 already released and grabbed a substantial market share, as well as the influx of Universal Windows Apps.

With multiple UWA in the Store already working splendidly on both mobile and PC, it’s easier than ever to imagine the same apps running comfortably on the big screen via the Xbox One, opening up new worlds of possibilities for Microsoft’s console; Xbox chief Phil Spencer’s recent reconfirmation of oncoming mouse and keyboard support only adds to the imagination. Typing reports beside an ongoing game of Forza might not seem a necessary scenario, but it sure beats not being able to.

With this capability included, the Xbox One will be just one step shy from being a Windows-powered gaming box for your TV (actually, that is also in the works), pushing it far ahead in the technology curve of biggest competitor Playstation 4, and also ahead of fledging players like Steamboxes; a genius move, in other words. The coming shared exclusives between Xbox and Windows may just be part of the grand plan. It’s never been more exciting to see what’s ahead for Microsoft’s gaming console.