Ubisoft announces new karaoke video game for Xbox One, Just Sing

Brad Stephenson

Just Sing on Xbox One

Ubisoft has just announced a brand new video game series called Just Sing which will see release in September of this year on Microsoft’s Xbox One console. While their Just Dance video game franchise focuses on dancing, Just Sing, as many can probably guess, revolves around karaoke and lip syncing.

The official press release says that the game will use smartphones for recording video and audio from players but a report on IGN claims that the Xbox One’s Kinect camera can also be used to record content. Ubisoft had already begun a transition away from console cameras to smartphones with Just Dance 2015 and Just Dance 2016 both adding support for smartphone-based motion tracking but neither advertised the use of smartphones as heavily as Just Sing. Check out the new trailer for the game below to see just how hard they’re pushing smartphones as a game controller.

To use a smartphone in Just Sing, players will need to download the official Just Sing Android or iPhone app. No Windows phone app has been announced as of yet.

Here’s the official game description for Just Sing: Create your own music videos with Just Sing! Sing or lip sync to the hottest hits and all-time favorites. A smartphone is all you need to play the game! Simply download the free Just Sing Companion App to your smartphone, sync it with your console and use your smartphone as your microphone and camera.

With Just Sing, easily create memorable videos with up to 3 friends by changing themes and filters as you perform. Save your video locally to keep track of the fun or share it with your friends!

Just Sing will feature 45 songs packed in with the initial release with more tracks expected to be added as paid downloadable content in the months afterwards. What do you think about Just Sing? Are you surprised by the focus on smartphones? Let us know in the comments below.