Two USB adapters for Surface Go will launch August 2nd, too

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Go features a single USB C port, so if you’re looking to connect your older accessories to the new device come August 2nd, you’ll need a dongle. Luckily, Microsoft is planning on launching two new USB C adapters for the Surface Go, including a new Surface-branded USB C to Ethernet adapter (via Windows Central.)

Both adapters are expensive for their purposes, but they come with the Microsoft Surface branding. Anyway, the first adapter allows you to convert USB C to USB A for connecting mouse, keyboard, and USB flash drives. Microsoft’s second USB C adapter, meanwhile, turns your USB C port to an Ethernet port, and also has a USB A port (pictured in the featured image above)

The USB C to USB A adapter is available for pre-order at BestBuy for $19.99, and the USB C to Ethernet is also available for pre-order for $54.99. Microsoft has yet to announce either of these, but it interesting to see the company embrace the adapter lifestyle, especially after launching a Surface Connect to USB C adapter earlier in this month.