Twitter updates with new Google account support and more on Windows and web

Brad Stephenson


The official list of changes and adjustments made to the Twitter web app over the past month has been published.

Among the more noteworthy changes made in July were the addition of the ability to change the reply preferences of a tweet after it’s been published, added support for login via a Google account, and improved support for voice tweet playback.

Twitter continues to build upon its Spaces voice chat feature which can now be accessed on the web and Windows Twitter app by clicking on a user’s profile picture on their profile or in a search.

Here’s the full release notes:


  • Mid-Conversation Controls: We’ve introduced the ability for you to adjust conversation control settings for a Tweet after it’s been sent. This allows authors to adjust the scope of a conversation as it evolves, and empowers authors to pause replies from people outside their network or altogether.
  • Promoted Tweets: We’ve made improvements around ensuring proper density of promoted Tweets within timelines.
  • Spaces: You’ll now be able to see the presence of an active Space through profile image rings in search results and on the profile screen. You can click the avatar to join the Space.
  • Third Party Sign-On: You can now use your Google account to sign up and sign in to your Twitter account.
  • Voice Tweets: Voice Tweets are now fully supported on, including improved controls, audio dock playback, and captions.


  • Accessibility: Clear buttons present in editable fields will now be properly focusable and labelled to make it easier for screen readers and voiceover to access.
  • Accessibility: Improved labeling and screen reader behavior for expandable menu items in the Topics suggestion flow.
  • Accessibility: There’s been a lot of work done to improve video caption behavior across browsers and devices. We’re currently experimenting with improvements to caption positioning, and will be enabling these fixes for everyone soon.
  • Misinformation Labels: Prevent labelling applied to Quote Tweets of labelled Tweets.
  • Spaces: The Spaces dock will now take advantage of the full screen height on mobile devices.
  • Video: You can now toggle video captions on and off using the ‘c’ key when the video is focused.
  • Video: The video player now supports quick scrubbing to playback percentages through the keyboard number keys (0 – 9), and also jumping to the start and end of playback using ‘home’ and ‘end’.


  • Accessibility: Input fields with animating transitions will no longer animate when reduced motion is enabled.
  • Accessibility: Fixed discrepancies around when user avatars are accessible or not.
  • Composer: Resolved problems with tapping to create and edit polls on mobile devices.
  • Composer: Improved alignment of components within the composer.
  • GIFs: Resolved an issue where searching for multiple results in the GIF picker would show an empty state after the initial search.
  • Inline Reply: Typeahead results displayed in popover elements will now properly scroll with the composer within timelines.
  • Lists: Fixed an issue where List timelines would automatically scroll down when opened.
  • Lists: Adding or removing someone from a List through the editor modal and dismissing without saving will no longer incorrectly persist those changes within a session.
  • Spaces: Improved synchronization of timing between captions and audio playback.
  • Spaces: Popover elements opened from within the Spaces dock will no longer scroll with the content behind it.
  • Timelines: Improved scrolling behavior when dismissing elements such as search dropdowns, and maintaining scroll position between different search result pages.
  • Toasts: Corrected display issues with toasts that contain an action button.

Not mentioned in the above notes is the removal of Fleets functionality. Twitter is disabling its Instagram Stories competitor from all supported platforms today. This will likely be mentioned in next month’s notes.

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