Twitter receives new features with latest update for Windows 10

Staff Writer

The launch of Windows 10 back in July saw the official release of the new Twitter app designed for Microsoft’s new Universal app platform. Today the app recieved an update that refined a few features and added some new ones that users had been wanting.
With today’s update, users can now create group direct messages, switch between different accounts, and view and subscribe to lists. Adding comments to other users’ tweets has also been made easier and unsent tweets will now be saved as drafts.
Overall, these updates are very much needed as the first incarnation of Twitter for Windows 10 was lacking in some key features (such as the ones added today).
Are you using the native Twitter app for Windows 10, or are you using a third party app to fulfill all your tweeting needs? If so, which one? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to mention any other changes you’ve spotted in this new version of the app.

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