Twitter blocks WordPress Jetpack Social API access (updated)

Kip Kniskern

Update: Access has been restored.

We’ve tried a number of WordPress plugins to post to Twitter when we publish a new post, but always come back to WordPress Jetpack. It just works, and while the cost recently went up to $10/mo (for Jetpack Social only, you can pay more and get more Jetpack features, too), it’s been worth it for us to be able to “set it and forget it.”

However this morning WordPress and Jetpack apparently succumbed to the wrath of Elon, and Jetpack is currently blocked from accessing the Twitter APIs:

Twitter has been reconfiguring API access, charging up to $42,000 per month, and late last month began cutting off access for users who didn’t pay. We have no idea what Jetpack’s deal with Twitter is or has been, but we’d be very surprised if they weren’t already paying for access, as runs millions of sites (estimates run from ~24 million to almost 40 million), with many using Jetpack Social.

We know that many of you come to via Twitter, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this all gets worked out. We also suggest that you might want to follow us on Mastodon, where we are connected (via IFTTT) to publish a “toot” whenever we post.