Tweetium app for Windows 10 updated to fix conversation view bug introduced by Twitter

Michael Cottuli

The official Twitter app for Windows 10 has been serving people quite faithfully for some time, but there are tons of Twitter users who would rather split off and use a third-party app instead. The third-party app of choice for many Twitter users on Windows 10 is Tweetium, a premium application that provides a somewhat sleeker interface than the official app.

Just recently, Tweetium faced some issues due to changes made by the folks running Twitter. After the changes were made, Tweetium users were unable to look at their conversations with friends–a problem that seriously hampered the experience of those who tend to use Twitter as the platform by which they talk to their friends.

Earlier today, Tweetium rolled out the fix to this issue for anyone that was using the app through the Windows 10 store, making it so the conversation window is once again functional for them. Unfortunately, Windows 8.1 users are still stuck with the issue, but the people behind Tweetium are working on a fix right now. While there’s no way to know just when that fix may be rolling out, it’s fair to assume that Windows 8.1 users should likely be getting it in the next couple of days.

Developer: B-side Software
Price: Free