Turok video game remasters are coming to Xbox One soon

Michael Cottuli

Turok on Xbox One

Turok is a big deal, for the history of shooters. It’s one of the classic games that helped the FPS genre find its legs in a new and evolving market. Thanks to Night Dive studios – a team that’s dedicated to remaking and/or remastering all sorts of different titles – we should be seeing a much-improved version of Turok in the near future (via Windows Central.)

Night Dive’s remade versions of Turok 1 and 2 have been available on PC for quite some time now, so they’re technically nothing new. That being said, this tweet from the PEGI Rating System suggests that an Xbox One version of Turok is well on its way to releasing. While no official statement has been made by Night Dive studios, you can probably expect to hear something fairly soon. Rating is something that happens in the very late stages of development and should mean that they’ll have something to announce soon.