Truecaller temporarily removed from Windows 10 store, but will soon be replaced

Michael Cottuli

Orange Windows Phone

If you have a Windows phone, there’s a chance that you may be using the app Truecaller, which offers caller ID for folks that aren’t on your contact list. According to some tips given to the folks at WMPU, the app has been taken off of  the Windows 10 store, despite sticking around for users on Windows 8.1.
Thankfully, Truecaller isn’t going away. According to a response to a Truecaller user on the app’s Twitter page, Truecaller is soon going to be available again for Windows 10 users.

Whether or not this means that Truecaller is just being put back on the Store or if it’s getting a proper Windows 10 version has yet to be seen. If a truly different Windows 10 version of the app is coming, then Truecaller users are in for a treat. A dedicated Windows 10 version of Truecaller would result in something that’s all-around more powerful and better optimized.