Tournaments come to Rocket League video game on Xbox One consoles

Brad Stephenson

Rocket League for Xbox One gets Batmobile

The latest update for Rocket League has begun to rollout to Xbox One owners and it’s a pretty big one. In addition to a host of new content and fixes, this update, Version 1.43, adds tournaments which can now be created or joined by any player and played against users on non-Xbox One consoles.

Some of the new content added with this updates includes new country flags, a new Triumph Crate, and Monstercat music and flags. Players will also receive connectivity notifications and information on internet speed while the following changes to chat bans and reporting have been made.

Chat Bans

  • Players can now receive a “Chat Ban” that restricts the banned player from sending chat messages in online play
  • If you are Chat-Banned, you will receive a notification on the main menu with information about the chat that contributed to your ban
  • Quick Chat is still allowed but chat-banned players can only send one Quick Chat message every 5 seconds
  • Chat Bans do not affect Private Matches or Party Chat

Report Notifications

  • If a player you reported receives a ban of any kind, you will now be notified of the ban via a main menu notification

You can read the full, really long, list of patch notes here.

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