Tour the Microsoft Archives with legendary Windows developer Raymond Chen

Dave W. Shanahan

raymond chen defrag tools

A Microsoft Channel 9 vlog, Defrag Tools, with Chad Beeder and Andrew Richards takes a tour of Microsoft’s archives with Windows developer, Raymond Chen. Chen is a 23-year veteran of all things Windows, working on various projects throughout the years and just released a book based on his blogThe Old New Thing: Practical Development throughout the Evolution of Windows, available through Amazon.
Chen shares some Microsoft memories of everything from mascots for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 to the Command Prompt and its emulation of MS-DOS. Chen navigates viewers through the history and evolution of Windows and the artifacts from those eras. Check out Part 1 of the Defrag Tools tour of Microsoft Archives below.

Chen discusses the history and software of the Windows evolution from Windows 95 all the way to Windows 7. Chen and the Defrag Tools group also sift through old computers and technology that was used to create Windows.
Defrag Tools discover the schematics for the original Microsoft Mouse and the Microsoft Campus buildings blueprints. Old aerial Microsoft campus maps and a bonus find of a gargantuan Encarta 2001 package are among other Microsoft Archive discoveries. Stay tuned to WinBeta when we reveal part two of the Microsoft Archives tour with Defrag Tools with Raymond Chen.