Toshl Finance app to be pulled from Windows Store

Brad Stephenson

Windows Phone and Purse

Toshl Finance have announced that they are cancelling their official Windows phone app. “We’re immensely sorry and disappointed that this is how it turned out. Our intention was to bring the full Toshl Finance 2.0 functionality to Windows Phone, but it increasingly became clear that this is no longer feasible,” the official statement reads. “When we started to plan the 2.0 version of Toshl a few years back, Windows Phone was one of the three main mobile platforms that we were going to make the app for. As we’re a small team, launching simultaneously on three mobile platforms, web app for desktops and tablets, as well as a new backend system was not a realistic proposition.”

The app’s developers had apparently begun to build a new modern app for Windows phone users but due to the shrinking userbase on that platform they decided that it wasn’t worth the effort or financial investment. “We have to consider the future of the entire Toshl company and apply ourselves to projects which will enable the company to prosper and evolve for a long time to come,” they conceded.

The Toshl Finance app will leave the Windows Store on May 15th and will be unable to be downloaded after that date. Users who have already downloaded the app will be able to use it until September when it will cease functioning altogether. Due to the cloud-based nature of the app, users will still be able to manage their finances via the web app or through the iOS and Android apps.

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