Todoist launching app preview for Windows 10 on Nov. 17

Michael Cottuli

With productivity always at the forefront of Microsoft’s mindset, third party apps which help Windows users be productive are always welcome into the Microsoft app store. Todoist, a web application that offers a simple, easy-to-use to-do list, just briefly announced on their Twitter page that a Windows 10 version of their app is nearly ready to be used, and is coming soon.

It’s great to see that the app is nearly ready to be previewed by the general public. A few months ago, we saw Todoist make a blog post about the Windows 10 version of their app being in development, and looking for alpha testers to help work out the bugs. With the announcement of the Windows 10 preview coming out soon, it can only be assumed that they’ve worked out most of the major issues and are ready to let us see how Todoist is going to help Windows 10 users further improve their productivity.
To keep your eyes out for the preview, you can either follow Todoist on Twitter or keep track of what’s going on in the Todoist website. The Tweet mentioned November 17th, and we can only assume that this is meant to be the release date of the preview.