Tinder app ‘6tin’ for Windows 10 gets GIF support



Rudy Huyn, the man behind several popular Windows Phone apps, has released a new update to 6tin for Windows 10 adding support for GIFs. 6tin is a popular 3rd-party Tinder client and was recently made a Universal Windows 10 app, meaning it works on both your desktop and mobile device.

6tin has been bumped to version 3.1.1 adding the ability to search and send GIFs. You can snag the app from the download link below. 6tin recently received the ability to receive GIFs, like messages, and upload a new profile picture.

Oh, and another cool thing about the 6tin app for Windows 10? It has features that even the official Tinder app on Android doesn’t have yet!

6tin - for Tinder
6tin - for Tinder
Developer: Rudy Huyn
Price: Free