This Xbox 2 console concept didn’t get the best reaction from gamers. Do you like it?

Brad Stephenson

Xbox 2 console concept

A fan concept for Microsoft’s upcoming follow-up to the Xbox One console was uploaded to Reddit earlier today (see above image) and it didn’t exactly get the positive response the poster was likely expecting.

Designed by Darpan Bajaj, this design for the new console, named here the Xbox 2, features a base that’s dramatically slimmer than all previous Xbox consoles and a controller that abandons physical buttons for, what looks like, a programmable touchscreen.

Reddit commenters were quick to mention that casual and pro gamers both prefer physical buttons when playing games and that very few people enjoy using virtual touchscreen controls which are frequently used on smartphone and tablet games.

The console itself also has its faults as most early Xbox loyalists would likely prefer a smaller size for the next Xbox console that takes up less real estate around the TV while this one looks as wide as the original Xbox One despite its thinness. Other issues raised were its breakability, the number of lights, and complete lack of USB slots.

“None of it is practical,” Reddit user, Congragumumlations, wrote, summing up his thoughts on the design. “The creator should have taken into consideration making it practical first and foremost. There is no good ideas coming out of this thing to be honest. I’m sorry but this is a no-go.”

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