This Windows Store loophole is helping trolls trash Xbox One video games before release

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One Controller

A special loophole in the way reviews are managed in the Windows Store is allowing internet trolls to slam video games on the Xbox One console before they’re even released.

As a rule, users are unable to write reviews for apps or video games in the Windows Store until they’ve purchased the content for themselves. Where this policy is being abused though is when gamers begin pre-ordering video games months before they’re released. As it stands right now, the Windows Store still detects that users have purchased the game and unlocks the right to review it immediately. Not only does this allow for users to post negative reviews before a game’s launch (yes, they still have to purchase it but since when do trolls follow logic?) but it also opens the door for massively inflated star ratings from passionate fan groups who pre-order a game and rate it five stars before the official release date, creating a false impression of the title’s overall quality.

This situation could easily be fixed by Microsoft placing a playtime requirement on video games in the Windows Store. What do you think? Should Microsoft change the system or do you actually like the way it’s set up now? Let us know in the comments below.