Third-party Hitbox app for Windows 10 update adds Chat and ability to select Bitrate

Arif Bacchus


When the third party HitBox app hit the Windows Store it marked the first moment Windows users could use the streaming platform to watch live broadcasts of the games you love straight from their favorite Windows device(s). Ever since then, we have extensively covered the app and the multiple updates delivered by the hands of developer Jonathan Antoine.

Today, another update has been released that further improves the HitBox on Windows experience.


As seen above, Hitbox developer Jonathan Antoine mentioned to our editor Jack Wilkinson on Twitter that the app has just been updated with chat and a bitrate and play section. These are just the latest features, as the app was previously updated a few weeks ago with support for Hitbox accounts and followers.

And so, if you’re using the app please head over to the Windows Store now and press the update button! Even if not, we have done you a favor and have included a download link for you below.