There’s now an Xbox One S console for your hardcore gamer dolls to play with

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One S doll

The majority of people who tweeted about the Xbox conference at this year’s E3 may have been male but that doesn’t mean that the female gamer demographic is any less important. Microsoft seems to be more than aware of this fact and has apparently partnered with American Girl to create an official Xbox One S accessory for their popular doll line.

The American Girl Xbox Gaming Set comes with a miniature Xbox One S console and controller for dolls to play with in addition to a game chair that can play music and sounds. In case the doll feels like playing online with friends or streaming their gameplay on Mixer, this set also comes with a wireless headset.

Something that’s particularly impressive with the Xbox Gaming Set is that the console can actually project faux video game footage onto a wall. Here’s the official list of features.

  • Dolls can get ready to play—and win—in tournaments with friends! Includes:
  • A pretend Xbox® One S game console that projects 10 different gaming scenes
  • A Xbox One S controller that dolls can really hold
  • A comfy faux-leather game chair with built in speaker. Includes a cord that plugs into personal devices to play music or other sounds!
  • Pretend wireless gaming headphones with an adjustable mic to chat with friends
  • Two fun game discs to insert into the console projector and two cases to keep them safe
  • All devices are pretend.

The Xbox Gaming Set retails for $50 and can be purchased via the official website. The American Girl brand prides itself on creating positive message about empowering girls to “act with compassion, respect, and strength” and produces dolls that represent a wide variety of diversity character types from mothers to business owners and socialites.

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