Xbox Series X|S version of the Control video game goes live

Brad Stephenson

Control video game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X

The new version of the Control video game designed for Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, Control – Xbox Series X|S, is now live and playable on both consoles.

This new version of the game is a separate purchase from the original Xbox One version though it is a free unlock for those that bought the Control Ultimate Edition bundle which came out in 2020. The whole thing’s a bit confusing but basically the Xbox One version of Control is a different version than the Xbox Series X|S one while the Ultimate Edition bundle contains both versions and all of the post-launch DLC for the Xbox One release (the Xbox Series X|S version comes with all of the DLC content built-in.) To get even more brain-melting, all three versions of Control (Control, Control Ultimate Edition, and Control X|S) are playable on the Xbox Series X and S consoles due to their support for Xbox One backwards compatibility. Also, the Xbox One version is free to play with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. ????

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Update: Added clarification on which version (the Xbox One one) was playable via Xbox Game Pass.

Control Ultimate Edition
Control Ultimate Edition
Developer: 505 Games
Price: $39.99