The Xbox Forums have now completely migrated to the Microsoft Community forums

Arif Bacchus

Over the past few months, we’ve documented the slow move of the Xbox Forums over to the Microsoft Community forums. Today, on August 29, things have finally become official, and the move is now complete.

Microsoft acknowledges the official forums move over in a blog post, mentioning that it is a result of Xbox continuing to grow and evolve. The company also reminds users that the Microsoft Community forums feature the same ability to ask Xbox questions, chat about games, and get help. Additionally, there is the bonus of checking out the other communities about Windows, Office, Skype, and more.

For those new to the Microsoft Community Forums, you can still earn XP while using the Xbox area. Upvotes will give you 10 XP, a verified forums post 75 XP, replies 10 to 25 XP, and a gaming guide 75XP.  Microsoft also provides the following tricks and tips:

  • Make sure to sign in using your Microsoft account to the Microsoft Community forums to create new threads and replies, and you’ll even show up as an “Ambassador” when you do.
  • To get to Xbox Forums, navigate to “Categories” at the top left and scroll down to select “Xbox.”
  • Now, Microsoft Community forums has a lot of threads, so to browse different thread options, make sure to use the filter boxes to hone down your search options. There is even advanced filters to narrow down your search even more.
  • The first threads you see under “Featured” are sticky threads that apply to the hierarchy level you choose in the category, topic, and/or topic filter options.
  • Want to start a discussion or ask a question? No problem. Make sure to navigate to “Ask a question” at the top right-hand corner of the webpage and ask away.
  • When you start a new thread, you decide where it appears in the hierarchy and whether it’s a discussion tread or a question. Plus, you have the option to be notified when someone responds to your post.

You should also be reminded that the Xbox Forums for Ambassadors has also migrated over. You can find it by navigating to the “Private Categories drop-down and selecting “Ambassadors.” Once there, you will see a “Topic” drop down. Feel free to head to the Microsoft Community Forums now and check it out.