The @windowsinsider Twitter account no longer exists (?!)

Kip Kniskern

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Something happened to the @windowsinsider Twitter account, the official account of the Windows Insider team, yesterday. For a while it was up, but unable to load any tweets, and now the account “doesn’t exist.”

windowsinsider twitter

Windows Insider lead Amanda Langowski posted yesterday that the team was “investigating an issue” with the account

… and Senior Program Manager Brandon LeBlanc replied to that tweet, hopeful that they could get the issue resolved quickly

… but that was over 12 hours ago, and the account is completely gone now.

Hopefully Microsoft and Twitter will be able to get the issue resolved, until then, you can follow Amanda Langowski for questions regarding the Windows Insider program, and of course you can follow us at @OnMSFT for all the latest Windows Insider, Xbox, and Microsoft news and information.

Good luck to the Windows Insider team, hope you get this resolved soon!