The Vudu app is now UWP compatible, available on Xbox One, complete with support for 4K streaming

Michael Cottuli

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In the market for a new movie streaming service? Vudu just got a significant update that might just make it a prime contender. The latest update – primarily focused on the Xbox One S app, offers support for 4K streaming on the new console. On top of adding 4k functionality to those who happen to have a 4K TV, the new update also made Vudu a UWP compatible app.

With Vudu being updated to the Universal Windows Platform and its library being expanded for Xbox One S to include 4K content, it’ll be interesting to see if more people end up adopting the service. The addition of 4K streaming is absolutely a big deal, making Vudu join a very short list of apps that offer the functionality – with big names like Netflix and Hulu being some of their only competition in that area.

If you’re still using the original Xbox One, you won’t be getting 4K functionality with the newest update to Vudu – the Xbox One just can’t handle it. Still, you’ll be getting all of the benefits that come with Vudu becoming a UWP app, so there’s still a good reason to check it out.

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