The return of the tease: Microsoft hints at new Windows 10 RS5 Insider build

Kip Kniskern

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For a while, it was quite the game: follow @DonaSarkar on Twitter, decipher the sometimes exceedingly cryptic hints, and learn the build number for a new incoming Windows Insider build. With RS5, the Windows Insider program moved away from the shenanigans, instead choosing to just drop builds, at sometimes seemingly random hours and days.

However, it looks like at least one Windows Insider team member has some nostalgia for the old ways, as today Jason Howard certainly appears to be teasing a new build on the way:

Recently Jason has been active on Discord as well, yesterday announcing the new Slow Ring build a few minutes before the blog post went up, so the era of the big tease may be back upon us once again.

Stay tuned, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the usual channels and will have the latest on a new Insider build as soon as it happens.