The OneNote 2016 desktop app is now available to download from the Windows Store

Kareem Anderson

OneNote UWP

The Windows Store and Office are finally beginning to make sense as they align and offer users a more simplistic engagement experience. Using its bridge technology, Microsoft is now allowing users to download the 2016 version of OneNote from the Windows Store.

To be clear, the 2016 version of OneNote is the full featured desktop version of the software and until recently, full versions of the Office suite were next to impossible to download from the Windows Store due to some incompatibilities with Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform development and their older architecture.

While the full Office suite has been in the Windows Store since the release of the Surface Laptop, it’s only been available to those daring enough to try Windows 10 S and deal with the rigmarole that comes with identifying Office 365 personal versus Pro.

The floodgates to full OneNote in the Windows Store haven’t been fully open just yet. For anyone interested in testing out the new Store experience will have to be eligible for Office 365 preview first. The odd restriction to Office 365 preview means that you’ll either need to wipe your existing device back to it’s original configurations (where an Office preview was bundled) or not have downloaded the suite onto your desktop at all.

In an effort to push Windows 10 S, the Windows team is working hard on implanting its UWP bridge technologies to bring the apps, services and programs most Windows users engage with everyday to its secure and curated Windows Store and the release of OneNote is just another in a long line of need-to-haves.