The EU is set to approve Microsoft’s GitHub deal, Reuters says

Kareem Anderson

Microsoftl, GitHub

While it may seem as though Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition is old news, the formality of the deal was still under legislative scrutiny in the EU.

A report from Reuters confirms the EU is set to bless the union of Microsoft and GitHub as soon as this week.

Not only is Microsoft about to receive the EU’s stamp of approval on the deal but the $7.5 billion acquisition is planned to happen with “unconditional” EU antitrust approval.

The EU’s decision should become official by October 19, 2018, but the commission and Microsoft have yet to respond to comments or questions publicly.

The unconditional nature of the EU’s decisions comes after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressed concerns about the path of integration the largely open-sourced community of GitHub would undergo if Microsoft were to be its owner. Nadella, to his credit, proclaimed GitHub to remain an open platform that will continue to work with its current public clouds and its 28 million developers.

However, as one of the largest contributors to the open source community, Microsoft does have plans to eventually use GitHub to push its Intelligent Cloud efforts forward.