That upcoming no-disc Xbox “Maverick” reportedly has a name, ready for pre-orders in April

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox One S

Apparently, the new upcoming no-disc Xbox “Maverick” will go by the name of “Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.” As noted in a report by Windows Central, the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition naming will be used when the console is available for pre-order, starting sometime in April 2019. Xbox Maverick was first reported on by Brad Sams, along with Scarlett, Lockhart, and Anaconda being other Xbox codenames being mentioned.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition would be the first disc-less console by Microsoft. Currently, Microsoft sells the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. No confirmation on what the new All-Digital Xbox console will look like, although it may just be an Xbox One S without a disk drive. In addition, Windows Central notes that Microsoft is looking to offer a custom Fortnite Xbox console too, but no official word from Microsoft on whether this is true or not.

Microsoft may be updating its Xbox console lineup for a disc-less gaming and streaming future. With the Xbox Maverick being available for pre-order in April 2019, we could see next-gen Xbox consoles being revealed later this year. Microsoft is also working on bringing Project xCloud, its own cloud game-streaming service, to the masses.