That new Mixer tab will be added to the Xbox One Dashboard “sometime in the next 24 hours”

Michael Cottuli

Twitch, Mixer, Xbox apps on iOS / iPhone

As Mixer undergoes its rebrand from Beam, it’s getting a lot more attention from other Microsoft services. The first big change coming is a change to the Xbox One dashboard, which is going to be introducing a dedicated tab for Mixer right there on display. Major Nelson announced the news through a tweet, saying that the new addition to the dashboard is coming “sometime in the next 24 hours.” It’s a vague timeframe, but a close one.

Mixer was previously known as Beam until a legally obligated name change occurred a few weeks back. Since Mixer got its new name and its new look, it’s implemented tons of new features and has been announced as the sole place to watch Microsoft’s E3 briefing in 4k UHD.