Telltale Games releases The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 3 “What we Deserve”, reveals some details about season 3

Laurent Giret

Telltale Games has released today the final episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PCs. If you didn’t play previous episodes, this game is a three-episode spinoff starring Michonne, a complex character and fan favorite from Robert Kirkman’s best-selling comics series.

Here’s a short preview of the final episode below along with the official trailer:

In this third and final episode, feeling the weight of choices both recent and long ago, Michonne tries to protect an innocent family… but Norma and the vengeful Monroe crew are closing in. As reality shatters and the ghosts of the daughters she abandoned demand to be heard, your choices will determine who lives, who dies, and what redemption really means in a world gone to hell.

Now that Telltale Games has completed this miniseries, the gaming studio has also shared an interesting interview with series creator Robert Kirkman explaining the complexity of Michonne and why Kirkman thinks she has become a long-lasting fan favorite character. Furthermore, Kirkman also reveals in this interview that the third season of The Walking Dead Telltale series will be released later in 2016 and “will take place roughly in the same timeline of the current comics and will go more hand-in-hand with the comics than ever before.”

We’re also happy to learn that fan favorite character Clementine will be featured in the third season, with Telltale Games explaining that “we’re beyond thrilled for a return to such an incredibly beloved character that fans the world over have connected with.”

Please watch the full interview below:

If you didn’t get a chance to go through previous episodes of The Walking Dead: Michonne, we’ve added download links for the entire miniseries below. Are you excited by what Telltale Games is doing with the episodic The Walking Dead games? Please tell us what you think in the comments.

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