Tekken 7 coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PCs on June 2nd

Kit McDonald

This summer couldn’t come fast enough for fighting game fans. The long anticipated Tekken 7 looks like it’s in the home stretch, moving forward to the expected June 2 launch date later this year (via VentureBeat.)

Today, Bandai Namco released a new trailer tugging at the heartstrings of long-term fans of the franchise. The dramatic battle of Kazuya and Heihachi could very well be reaching an epic conclusion as one of the most well-known father and son conflicts.

The game will also be available on PC which has brought up the question if the likely smaller audience will be able to cross-play between that and consoles. Unfortunately, fans on PC will likely be disappointed that the cross-play isn’t likely. According to a tweet from Game Director Katsuhiro Harada last year, there are security risks and company policies to consider. Since last September, there still isn’t a public decision on the topic.

Pre-orders for Tekken 7 are now open along with the Day 1 Edition. While all pro-orders will have access to the vampire character Eliza, Xbox One exclusive pre-orders will also receive a free backward compatible copy of Tekken 6.

Tekken 7 Xbox One Day 1 Edition

If you’re really invested, you can also choose to purchase the coveted Tekken 7 Collectors Edition complete with Collectors Box, Day 1 Edition game, Steelbook, Soundtrack, and a Collectible Figurine.

Tekken 7 Xbox One Collectors

Pre-order and make the fight personal on June 2 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.