Teamviewer 11 released, brings SOS button and improved performance

Michael Cottuli

Teamviewer has been a huge help to anybody who has ever needed help with their computer, or needed to collaborate in any other way. Teamviewer is an app for Windows and Windows Mobile that allows you to let somebody else take control of your computer remotely, often to troubleshoot technical issues. With the new version of the app, Teamviewer 11, people should look forward to a much better experience.
Most noticeably coming from the new update is the fact that Teamviewer is now 15x faster than its previous iterations. It’s been optimized to use less bandwidth and provide better image rendering. At the end of the day, this means that you’ll be seeing better image quality in TeamViewer and using up less bandwidth in the process. You’ll also be seeing file transfers going 15x faster than in previous versions.
One added feature in Teamviewer 11 is the SOS button, which makes it much more efficient to get customers the help they need, exactly when they need it. The SOS button can create an icon with your company’s name, that can be clicked to request help immediately, without going through any other extra hoops. This makes the customer support experience much faster, more efficient, and easier for everybody involved.
All in all, the improvements to Teamviewer are huge. In a world where it can be difficult to get effective customer support quickly, Teamviewer is there to make sure that you can communicate with your customers quickly efficiently, and in a way that makes everybody’s lives easier. In Teamviewer 11, along with updates to its general efficiency and the SOS button, it also adds an overhaul to its toolbar, better Android support, and more
Head over to Teamviewer’s website to download the application for Windows.
Thanks @NicholasHayman  for the tip.