Teams will let users pop out the scheduling form as a separate window

Kevin Okemwa


According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, a new feature tagged 99197 is coming to Microsoft Teams, which will allow users to pop out the scheduling form as a separate window thus making it easier for them to set up meetings.


As we speak, users have to navigate between several apps to multi-task in the Teams’ calendar which might sometime result in the loss of data. With the new feature in place, the scheduling of meetings will become seamless because the scheduling form will now pop out as a separate window. It is also worth noting that users will be able to pop out existing meetings by clicking on the icon on the scheduling form.

This feature is expected to start rolling out towards the end of October and reach general availability by late November. In other Teams related news, it is now easier for users to sign documents during meetings with proof of concept. And finally, users will soon be able to schedule messages.