Talking Tom Cat 2 is your personal digital pet, now available in the Windows Store

Brad Stephenson

Talking Tom Cat 2 now available in the Windows Store

Have you always wanted to talk to a virtual cat on your Windows Phone or Windows device but can’t stand to look at one of those yucky ginger colored cats? Well, the developers at Outfit7 have you covered with a spin-off to their Talking Ginger app, Talking Tom Cat 2 which stars an adorable gray cat instead!

Most of the app’s features are identical to the Talking Ginger version such as a digital pet that copies whatever the player says in its own cute voice, character interactions and mini-games and the ability to record videos of your favorite virtual cat moments.

Talking Tom Cat 2 also lets the player customize their cat with different accessories and outfits such as pirate and cowboy costumes and should provide an easy way to distract any young gamers in the house for a few hours.

Like Talking Ginger, Talking Tom Cat 2 is a free app and features several in-app purchases to support the development team. The Windows version also seems to be a direct port of the Windows Phone version and not in the cool Universal App way. The phone version appears to have been directly copied to the Windows version which means that the game keeps its mobile phone aspect ratio regardless of which version you play.

Does playing phone-sized games on your Windows device frustrate you or is it something that doesn’t bother you at all? Let us know in the comments.