Microsoft takes you behind the scenes of its archives with ‘Microspotting’


Take a glimpse behind the scenes --Microspotting: Inside the Microsoft archives

The Microsoft archives have been in operation since 1989, building up into an ever-growing record of the companies past releases and achievements. This is a company with a great deal of history so it’s great to see that it is being preserved — the job falls to archivist Amy Stevenson.

It is her job to catalog, store and preserve all manner of noteworthy memorabilia — everything from Bill Gates’ “conversation chairs” to 5.25 inch floppies for the first version of Windows.

If you fancy taking a trawl through the archives, you can get a taster in the Microspotting video posted on Channel 9.

There are some great historical pieces to be found in the archives. Some of it speaks volumes about Microsoft while other say more about the technology and culture of the day. Oh… and there’s a massive Clippy costume which is just a bit weird.

Check out the video. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be overcome with waves of nostalgia.