Take a look at the next version of Microsoft’s Channel 9

Kit McDonald

Microsoft’s video archive Channel 9 is undergoing some significant design changes. For those that may not know by now, Channel 9 is a site for developer videos and event broadcasts that Microsoft employees contribute to. But it seems the team might be looking to streamline the site for new and unfamiliar users. As of today, a preview of the new Channel 9 design is available for public consumption.

The design is much easier on the eyes particularly with a gray background that can make watching videos much nicer. With the current layout, finding videos and information can be a bit overwhelming. The minimalist design has a font that is easy to read and the preview even looks better on mobile devices.

In an announcement post by Vi Nguyen, they detailed the emphasis on user experience.

The goal is to provide visitors and contributors up-to-date content, with clear, accessible, responsive, consistent, and attractive user interface.  We have fixed numerous problems with the old, non-accessible, and non-responsive homepage.  This work is still in progress and we will be improving the experience in the upcoming months.  If a feature is missing, it doesn’t mean it has been cut.  Hang tight, we are working on it!

If you’re usually interested in what Channel 9 has to offer, you might be interested in taking a gander at the design. Microsoft is welcoming feedback about the preview so be sure to voice your thoughts on the Site Feedback Forum.