System Shock remake to launch in March according to latest developer update

Robert Collins

After a long and apparently arduous development path, it looks like the System Shock remake is finally about to arrive in 2023. The team at Nightdive Studios shared a new developer update on January 2nd, in which was announced a new release window of March, 2023.

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This isn’t the first time a launch window has been announced for System Shock, as the developer themselves pointed out in the update post. The game was first announced back in 2015 as a remaster of the 1994 cult-classic System Shock, which was a spiritual predecessor of the Bioshock franchise. The team took a hiatus from development of the game in 2018. The developers now consider the new System Shock “a faithful reboot” rather than a mere remaster, as it has been reworked with more “modern design principles.”

System Shock was showcased at Gamescom last year, and now appears to be finally in the last stretch of development. Preorders are currently available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.