SwiftKey beta adds a Microsoft Editor feature, powered by Bing Chat

Priya Walia

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In an exciting development, the latest SwiftKey beta for Android has incorporated the Microsoft Editor tool as an optional feature. For early access to this improvement, beta users need only enroll in the free SwiftKey beta.

Microsoft Editor builds upon the functionality of the Bing Chat button, recently introduced in SwiftKey. The tool can auto-correct up to 500 words at once, drastically reducing the number of misspellings or poorly worded text messages and emails, Windows Central reported.

The feature works intuitively – just type as usual and hit the Editor icon when done. Microsoft quickly analyzes the text for errors. After analysis, the corrected text can replace or copy the original text as required.

The auto-correct feature aligns with Grammarly-like service, a well-appreciated tool for textual clarity. However, the Microsoft Editor offers several other advantageous functionalities.

The ‘Tone and Compose’ features further enhance the writing experience. Users can hit the ‘Tone’ button to modify the flavor of their message, making it sound funny, professional, or suited for social posts. The ‘Compose’ option opens a full-composition window that echoes the Bing Chat experience most users recognize. With ‘Compose,’ users can construct entire emails or draft posts for social networks with minimal input.

Accessing the Microsoft Editor is simple: type in the text box as usual, then click the Editor icon. The text will be analyzed for errors by Microsoft’s advanced tech. Upon completion, users can opt to replace or copy the corrected version of their original text. The editor is available solely on the Android version of the app. Users interested in early access should enroll in the free beta.

In conclusion, Microsoft seems to be aiming for a comprehensive improvement of SwiftKey – enriching user experience with the help of other existing features. As this change is rolled out, it will be fascinating to watch how the balance between auto-correction and personal input efficiency is maintained.